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Understanding the rules, the IRS has laid out for the 3 stages each asset cycles through is key to knowing how to prepare and execute a plan.  When it comes to the cash flow of those assets, we focus on how the income funnel works so we can either have cash flow or income.

Income is Taxable and Cash Flow is Plan-able


Understanding how your savings is affect by Inflation is just as important as understanding the taxes of each asset since inflation is forced by the demands of society in your area.  Most professional focus on national averages for calculating Inflation but if you in live or plan to relocate to an area where Inflation is greater than the national average wouldn’t you want to know how to plan?


Understanding Time is vital since most professionals want you to believe time is always running out, which technically true but depending on your savings (assets) Time can be used to your advantage.  Time can be combated with understanding your flow of cash and when and which cash should be flowing.

Laws & Regulations

Understanding how the government whether local, state, or federal can make policy changes that affect you and your wealth.  Even if the changes are good for the whole, they may not be good for you.  The key here is anytime there is a government law or regulation change it will add costs to our lifestyle, many times we just don’t experiment a great affect immediately but over time and over the various areas of governing can eat away at your hard-earned savings.


This topic is probably just as broad as taxes since we can discuss personal or corporate debt and which debts are “good” debts and which are “bad” debts.  The answer is based on your situation and how you manage debt and the purpose of use.

All the above affect these various areas

  • Retirement planning
  • Tax planning/management
  • Estate planning
  • Risk management
  • Education funding
  • Investment planning
  • Employee and executive benefits
  • Businesses planning

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